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Corporate Communications solutions

Coralband offers end-to-end communication services for both digital and traditional platforms.

Whatever the nature of your company at Coralband you will find a niche solution. Our focus is to serve as a communication arm for businesses. Working with start-ups, we can serve their unique needs as a partner. For large businesses, we will help with CSR communication and integrated reports. For mid-size firms we provide communication project management services, working with the company and its agency partners/parent organization which will help maintain a lean team.

Niche solutions customized to company needs


Services for Start-ups


Services for Mid-sized firms


Services for large firms

High profile reports

More than a brochure, consolidated hand-shake document packaged for presentation to your funding entities

Marketing Pitch packs

Build the value proposition and sales narrative through various channels- proposals, audio visual narrative, infographics, brochures, website, etc.

B2B Brand amplification

Stories and content for blogs, search engine marketing, white papers

Outsourced communication function

Serving as a dedicated arm of the organization

Communication strategy & capability building

Hand-hold the company to build internal teams in readiness for scale

Agency liaison

Address the gap between company requirements and agency deliverables.  Articulate company goals to fast-track communication projects

Management messaging

Work with internal teams to deliver strategic communication projects . E.g. Brand guidelines, corporate identity management, corporate AV, culture management, CEO messaging, etc

Professional expertise, lean teams

Eliminate the need for large in-house team of communications professionals by providing expertise, especially PR and media management

Digital media stories

Build social media presence across various channels

CSR strategy & communication

Work with internal teams for CSR strategy, project development and Board representations,

Capacity building

Integrated reporting

Work with Secretarial & Finance teams to develop content for Integrated reports based on International Integrated Reporting framework (IIR)

Bespoke  content

Unique communication projects addressing specific corporate goals. Egg  Audio Visual presentations, Management messaging, internal communications, etc

Digital media stories

Populate social media presence through blogs, case studies etc.

CSR strategy & communication

Work with internal teams for CSR communications, CSR case studies and program evaluation such as social audits


Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability sensitivity is today an integral part of the business strategy.

Coralband Communications helps you strategise, develop, implement, and evaluate your CSR & Sustainability programs.

Our CSR services take an integrated approach to CSR program management. We make it a continuous process, hand-holding through program management, monitoring and evaluation to ensure optimum social return on investments.

No CSR program is complete until the story is told to all the relevant stakeholders. We also offer development communication for your company’s CSR & Sustainability programs and MIS to key stakeholders.

CSR Services 

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